Are You a Contract Pilot?

We are always looking for qualified contract pilots. If you'd like to work with us, please submit the following information and we'll enter it into our database.



Aircraft Owners and Operators: Contract your pilot services through Botco Aviation Services. Whether you operate one aircraft or a fleet of hundreds, contracting pilots can make sense. Contract a pilot for the time you need one and avoid keeping payroll for pilots when they're not flying.

Scheduling is as easy as just giving us a call. You are billed a flat fee for the time of service required. You can schedule a contract pilot for 1/2-day, full day, weekly or even monthly rates. We'll tailor your pilot's schedule to your needs. Call us today at 904-827-0505 and we'll be glad to discuss your contract pilot needs. 

Contract Pilots: Do you have what it takes to be a contract pilot? Being a contract pilot means that you're in business for yourself, and as a professional, you must keep the customer and clients happy. As a contract pilot, you can work the schedule you want, and you will probably earn more money than as an employee. However, contract pilots are responsible for their own insurance, federal state and local taxes, and retirement program.

We suggest a visit with a qualified certified public accountant to help you with this decision. Everyone has individual needs and goals, and being a contract pilot may not be the best option for every pilot. If you're interested, give us a call at 904-827-0505 and we'd be glad to discuss the options. 

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