If you need help with a new application or are troubleshooting an aviation matter, let Botco Research and System Services (BRASS) provide you with a solution. Just call Botco Aviation Services at 1-904-827-0505 and we'll be happy to discuss your project. 


Even the most seasoned companies need special services from time to time. We want to assist you. Botco Aviation Services can add another set of eyes to review and assess the details of your aircraft project. Whether you're in need of short or long term aviation help, Botco can be more efficient than hiring a new employee, and can immediately begin working for you.


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Botco Aviation Services provides contract pilots for corporations and individuals who operate aircraft. If you need a contract pilot, call Botco today. We provide contract pilots of all types:

  •     Contract Airplane Pilots
  •     Contract Helicopter Pilots
  •     Contract Jet Pilots
  •     Contract Charter Pilots
  •     Contract International Pilots